Are the well known designs you sell originals?

The designs we sell are always the genuine authorised version of any particular design. Genuine and authorised means that items are being manufactured by the company who owns the copyright licence or who has express permission from the copyright licence holder. Purchasing only the genuine authorised version of any design ensures that the item is made to exacting and precise specifications, ensures the quality is excellent, and ensures that the designer's estate receives royalties for their design. This last point is important as rewarding designers for their work (as with artists) encourages others to be creative and produce new items. Terms such as original and reproduction mean different things to different people. To us, original means an item which has been in continuous production since its original launch onto the market.

How can I tell if I am being offered a genuine authorised product?

A quick search on the internet will usually reveal who the authorised manufacturer is. This then should match any labels on the item itself. There are also usually distinguishing features such as serial numbers or the designer's signature stamped into the frame or upholstery of furniture items. Finally, if the item you are looking at is much cheaper than in other stores, the chances are it is not genuine or authorised, and therefore there is no guarantee of its quality.

Why are retailers allowed to sell 'copies'?

The UK copyright law on a commercially exploited design was changed on 28 July 2016, from a period of 25 years to match the copyright on works of art, which lasts 70 years after the death of the author. Previously, after 25 years, copies of designs could be legally made and sold – retailers were given until 28 January 2017 to sell through existing stock but any new copies are now illegal in the UK. They are usually inferior in quality. People making or selling copies are not allowed to mislead the consumer, although they invariably do. They are usually not allowed to refer to the name of the design, the designer themselves (except in a general historical or 'inspired by' type way), and not allowed to infer that the item comes from the licenced manufacturer.

This is also the position in most other European countries. There they afford copyright protection for furniture and lighting designs for 70 years after the death of the designer, although some European countries – such as Ireland – have not adopted this law; people selling copies now base themselves there to exploit this loophole.

Do you really have the worldwide exclusive licence to produce Eileen Gray designs?

Yes, we do. Eileen Gray's striking designs are instantly recognisable today, but when Zeev Aram started working with Eileen Gray to introduce her designs onto the world market in the 1970s, her designs were virtually unknown. Eileen Gray granted Aram the worldwide head license for her designs and Aram is the only UK stockist of the authorised versions.

In the 1980s Aram granted a sub-licence to the German manufacturer ClassiCon to manufacture and market Eileen Gray designs in certain specified markets.

How long has Aram Store been around for?

Aram has been trading since 1964. Please see the Our History page for more information.

Will you match other retailers' prices?

Aram Store has been serving the UK market for nearly 50 years. Our success has been built on sticking to ou guiding principles: select the best designs that are manufactured to the highest quality, supply these with excellent customer service, and provide real value for money. Our aim is to continue adhering to these principles. Therefore, if you find that another retailer is offering to supply exactly the same product for a lower price than Aram, then please contact our store managers Adrian Winter or Myles Brown (020 7557 7557; aramstore@aram.co.uk) and we will do all that we can to match the price.

Can I get a trade price from Aram Store?

Aram is made up of Aram Store and Aram Contracts. Aram Contracts focuses on selling into large projects usually involving architects or company end users. Aram Contracts is able to tailor pricing to fit the size of the project. For further details please see the Aram Contracts part of this website.

Can I return goods?

If standard goods bought online are not faulty or damaged then we will take them back for exchange or refund, provided they are returned in the manner set out on the Delivery & Returns page. This does not apply to items which are made to order, which cannot be returned. If goods are genuinely faulty then Aram will ensure that this is rectified either through repair, replacement or refund. This obviously does not include faults of a cosmetic nature arising from normal wear and tear. This does not affect your statutory rights and is in accordance with the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the Consumer Protection Regulations 2000. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details.

Why do you charge for delivery?

We try and price everything transparently. Therefore, we price the products and delivery separately so that you can see exactly what you are paying for.

Delivery is a real cost which we incur and it is not included in the price of the products. Often two people are required to deliver for health and safety reasons, and of course running a van (especially around London) is very expensive. Your delivery will be carried out by Aram Store’s own delivery service or by a reputable and established carriage company to the standards expected by Aram Store. Some deliveries may involve just a very simple drop-off to your door but where required; our service includes unwrapping, assembly and positioning in a room of your choosing. All waste packaging will be removed and recycled. Unfortunately, there are limits to the service and therefore we cannot carry out electrical fitting, wall hanging of items or moving/removing of existing furniture without prior agreement. As far as possible we also try to give a two hour delivery window so that you do not have to take the whole day off to receive a delivery from Aram Store.

Can you ship products overseas?

Yes, we can arrange shipping to an overseas address or to your nominated shipping agent in the UK.

Why do you have such long lead times?

Lead times of between eight and twelve weeks are standard as manufacturers do not, in general, hold stock of their pieces. This is due to the large range of variables (e.g. fabrics, surface finishes) and the fact that most items are hand made and hand finished to order.

Can someone help me plan and design my room?

We offer a service within London where we are happy to help with your design, measure spaces, offer advice and, where applicable, provide plans. Please contact us for more details.

Is there a mailing list that I can sign up for?

Yes, sign up for the mailing list via the Newsletter Sign Up page.

What settings or software do I need to buy through the Aram website?

The Aram website has been designed and tested as compatible with all major up-to-date browsers; you should not have any trouble viewing our site - but it is advisable to update your browser software regularly. The online store is a secure site and your personal information will be handled safely and securely.

What information about me will you keep when I visit your website?

The only information we will keep is information you have asked us to keep - please see our Privacy Policy page for further information.

Do you hire out furniture?

Yes we do. We charge 15% of the retail price per day. This service is aimed at photographers and advertising agencies rather than the residential market. Please contact the store manager for details.

Do you have disabled access?

Yes, our store has a flat entrance with wide doors and an elevator inside.

How do I get to Aram Store and is there parking nearby?

For directions and a map, see the Contact Us page. There are on-street metred parking bays in the streets around Aram Store and an NCP car park at the junction of Drury Lane and Parker Street.