I-Am Outdoor Rug 2x3m £1,469.00

I-Am Outdoor Rug 2x3m

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from Cane-line.

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The outdoor carpet is designed to drain rainwater. However, heavy rain showers or very humid climates can cause water or moisture to stay between the layers of fabric. This can affect the surface underneath and eventually the quality of the outdoor carpet. Therefore, it is recommended to remove the carpet from the area where it is placed once in a wile and let it dry. In order to keep the quality of the outdoor carpet, it is recommended to clean it now and then with water and a brush or a high-pressure cleaner (with soft jet). Make sure to let it dry after cleaning. The outdoor carpets come in two different sizes, 3x3 meters and 2x3 meters and are available in two different colours: white/brown and grey/turquoise
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