Montana Colours 2019

Every eight years, Montana develops a new colour palette. The furniture company's latest, expansive palette has come into being in collaboration with expert and colour-alchemist, Margrethe Odgaard. The new scheme explores how the colours relate to one another, to our bodies, to other materials, and to their spatial surroundings.

The new palette consists of 30 brand new lacquer colours, with ten neutral tones and two veneers carried over from the old palette: a total of 42 variants. The process of developing a new colour scheme – and, by extension, of peering into the future of colours (a fundamental part of the Montana DNA) – has been a long, winding, and fascinating road. The process of developing the new colour scheme has been rooted in a body-mind philosophy: the belief that our bodies long to be cared for, to be heard, and to have space. The colours should, in every way possible, refer to the body and relate to sensory perception and tactility. The names of the colours all refer to the senses and are easy to remember and pronounce examples include Truffle, Pomelo, Chamomile, Oyster, Mushroom and Pine.

Made by You

Design your own configuration with Montana's powerful online software 'Made by You'. Go wild with creativity for your personal storage solution.

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See more of Montana's range in their brand category but don't forget that Montana is a modular system with almost infinite possibilities so contact the store to learn more.

The full palette of 42 colours developed by Margrethe Odgaard for the Montana range

'Hide' shoe storage in Oyster. This natural tone combines well with Oat, Camomile, Cumin, and Mushroom.
Four 'Hide' shoe storage units in Oyster with a 'Figure' shoe bench seen through the arch in Masala.
Basic units are ideal for kitchen storage. Here white oak veneer is combined with Mushroom lacquer.
This sideboard provides ample storage for the dining room and looks elegant in Truffle lacquer.
'Line' unit in turmeric lacquer (wall mounted) and 'Couple' unit in shadow lacquer
This home office unit makes an impact in monarch lacquer with a 'Note' secretaire in mushroom
Mixing some of the bolder colours from the palette can really make an interior sing!
These tall storage configurations are in cumin and rhubarb lacquer - a delicious combination

The Montana System

The Montana system is designed by founder Peter Lassen, who established the company in 1982. There was a detailed mathematic and philosophical principle behind it. The mathematic calculations are complex and based on 5.7 cm, but the philosophy is quite simple: every Montana element should be able to be infinitely combined and be practical, good­looking, durable and independent of changes in fashion. His flexible, modular system features an inspiring colour palette and is manufactured at Montana’s own factory in Denmark. The system offers infinite opportunities and freedom to curate spaces in the ultimate personal way. Montana also offers tables and chairs, and the new Montana Free open shelving system, designed by Jakob Wagner.

Montana offers endless opportunities to decorate your home the way you want it to look and make room for your personality with colours and functions suited to who you are. With Montana modules in different sizes and colours, you can build up in both height and width, free-standing, up against a wall or all of it at once. You simply choose your own style. We have put a few pieces online as a starting point; you can use the 'Made By You' configurator (link above) or contact us in store to create your own unique solution.

A selection of the Montana System units
  1. Pair SideboardPair Sideboard
    Pair Sideboard
    Montana Mobler
    From £1,676.00
  2. Line UnitsLine Units
    Line Units
    Montana Mobler
    From £725.00
  3. Keep Drawer UnitKeep Drawer Unit
    Keep Drawer Unit
    Montana Mobler
    From £1,974.00
  4. Compile Wall UnitCompile Wall Unit
    Compile Wall Unit
    Montana Mobler
    From £594.00
  5. Note Wall StorageNote Wall Storage
    Note Wall Storage
    Montana Mobler
    From £1,223.00
  6. Montana Coat UnitMontana Coat Unit
    Coat Unit
    Montana Mobler
    From £432.00
  7. Spice UnitSpice Unit
    Spice Unit
    Montana Mobler
    From £814.00
  8. Push Wall UnitsPush Wall Units
    Push Wall Units
    Montana Mobler
    From £1,519.00
  9. Flutter UnitFlutter Unit
    Flutter Unit
    Montana Mobler
    From £2,705.00
  10. Dream NightstandDream Nightstand
    Dream Nightstand
    Montana Mobler
    From £528.00
Other Montana Products
  1. Free Shelving SmallFree Shelving Small
    Free Shelving Small
    Montana Mobler
    From £473.00
    On Display
  2. JW Table Round 140cmJW Table Round 140cm
    JW Table Round 140cm
    Montana Mobler
    From £2,248.00
    On Display
  3. Panton One Tivoli ChairPanton One Tivoli Chair
    Panton One Tivoli Chair
    Montana Mobler
    From £342.00
  4. Panton Wire Double with TopPanton Wire Double with Top
    Panton Wire Double with Top
    Montana Mobler
    From £331.00
    On Display
  5. Bachelor ChairBachelor Chair
    Bachelor Chair
    Montana Mobler
    From £460.00